You Already Know How to Turn Leads Into Customers; How Do We Know?

You are still in business...

To make more money (potentially, a lot more) you simply have implement one or two simple things, and do whatever you were doing before a little bit better and a little more consistently.

The Goals of an Optimized Conversion Strategy.

Transform your leads into paying clients who invest more, invest more often, refer their clients and peers and remain clients longer - far longer than a typical client.

I’m going to start with a presumption. You already know how to convert customers. I know that because you are IN BUSINESS. I don’t know if you’re any good at it, but you can do it – at some level.


So all I want you to do is take what you know how to do and do it a little bit better. That’s all you have to do.

Think in terms of getting that incremental gain. There are a few things that could get you there and you may be doing some of them already, but you’re doing them haphazardly. Doing those things that work, whatever they are, and doing them consistently, could make your business that much better. In fact, it could make you rich.

Fixing just one aspect of your selling system could give you tremendous gains. And what if you fixed them all? That would be simply amazing but all you need to do right now, is work on just one aspect. And remember, you don’t have to reinvent anything – you only have to improve.

Here are the four components that should be optimized in order to gain the highest conversions from inquiries.

  • Right Offer for the Right Client +
  • Streamlined, automated, personalized follow up process +
  • Trust factors = 
  • High conversion

Right Offer for the Right Client – meaning, are you trying to market to the right people?

Marketing to the wrong ones costs you time and money, marketing to the right ones is just the opposite. Consistency – we touched on this earlier – you may be doing it very well, but only some of the time. What if you started doing everything right all the time? 

How  about follow-up? Huh? Oh, sorry, we don’t do that… A long time ago I did a survey that asked the question, “What’s the number one reason that you don’t buy from salespeople when you like what they’re selling?” The answer was, “They don’t follow up.” So there is gold in great follow-up.

These are just some of the conversion areas for you to work on. Here’s a take-away: Look at what you’re doing in your sales process that’s working and make it better.

Did you catch that? I’m not asking you to look at what’s lousy and make it better. I’m asking you to look at what’s working – it’s much easier to build on your strengths. So look at what you’re doing right and figure out how to do it consistently all the time. Figure out how to do it and make it better, and then look at this list and find something to improve.

You know, whatever area it is make an improvement because almost anything can be improved and pay some dividends.

You’re not trying to double your response rate – that would be great, but it may be much too hard. Go for a 15% increase and any one of these areas can easily be improved to get you there.


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According to one of the "State of Small Business" surveys conducted in 2016

  • 72% of business owners are going to focus on Increasing Revenues.
  • 69% of business owners are focusing on Increasing Profits.
  • 35% are choosing to focus on Reducing Costs.
  • 23% will focus on Obtaining Financing.

And with these apparent financial goals in mind, admittedly, only 37% percent of business owners turn to their accounting advisers for help (In fact, accountants don't even make the top 5 advisers that business owners turn to for help. Yet, firms like ours, rank #2).


According to this 2016 national survey, 63% of business owners want to focus on specific financial challenges in 2017... and have no one they trust to turn to.

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If you would like a free customized marketing campaign and explore what it would look like to work only with clients who trust you, want your expertise, and can afford it... schedule a strategy session today.